Welcome to Spring Semester 2012!

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I am looking forward to this new semester!  Please subscribe to email notifications for this blog so you will always know what is going on in class or if there will be any changes to the schedule for the day.

Today we will have an overview of the course.

I did not order a book yet (from the bookstore) because I thought the upgrade would be out before the semester began but it did not happen.  We will be using Lightrom 3.0.  The beta version is out but the upgrade is still about 6 months out.

We will be using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop to edit images as well as other programs for presentation of your work.  There is a photography element to this course but it is not strictly a photography course.  If you are looking for a full spectrum photography course this is not it, we will however be exploring creative techniques as well as reviewing basic camera settings.

The book we will be using is by Scott Kelby, I will get it ordered at the bookstore but until it arrives we have PLENTY to do!


Long exposure settings

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Today we are going to talk about long exposure noise compensation and custom white balance settings.

Unrelated to the lecture today is this

Cool lightroom preset for family photos and weddings.


Perspective Illusion Photoshoot due Dec. 1st

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Start looking at the world around you!  There are more opportunities for this kind of photo than you might think!

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Wow, long time since I added a post! LAME!

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Today we will work on the web module and talk further about your new photoshoot assignment.

The photoshoot is to use the fact that the camera flattens out your image (background and forground) and make it work for you!  This assignment will help you see backgrounds that might interfer with your image.  Our eyes and brain sort it out when we see things that way but the camera flattens the enviroment and makes it appear flat.  THE WORLD IS FLAT!  Who knew?

Here are some examples of what I am looking for.

Creative Shoot due today! Adjustment Brush Lecture

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Turn your Creative shoot images into the Shared Folder in the Creative Shoot Folder.  Make sure you put a folder in there with your name on it.  Name it like this  Wendy_unedited

When you edit them create another folder inside that folder and title it A_wendy_edited

Use A first so it puts the file at the top so I can find it without scrolling down.

I found a website with 6 videos using the adjustment brush.  FUN!



You will have time to edit today, I will try to get your posters printed so we are ready to mount them.



Schedule for the next couple of weeks

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Thurs.  10-27

Poster shoot due.  We will edit and layout your poster so they are ready to print for the student show.

Nov. 1

  • Creative shoot due
  • Adjustment Brush lecture

Nov. 3

Open Lab

Nov. 8

We will matt  your photos and posters for the Student show.


I will give you an extra week on Chapter 8, it’s due next Tuesday.



I am sick today

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I am too sick to come in today, I did not figure any of you want the fever and cough I have so I have decided to stay home. See you THursday!