Slide Show Module Bookwork

We are now jumping ahead in the book!  I want to expose you to the different Modules inside in Photoshop Lightroom then we will go back later in the semester to refine your skills in each area.

The Slideshow!  This is the Module you would use to display your work on screen.   It could be to show the client their proofs, or to have a running slide show in a waiting room, or you can just email it as a digital portfolio. (My mom loves getting these because all she has to do is click on the slide show pdf file I email and it RUNS!


  • Pages 291-295 Creating a basic slide show
  • Pages 296-297 Adding Opening and Closing Title Slides
  • Pages 298-305 Customizing the Look of our Slides
  • SKIP  Using a photo as your background (this is cool and you can read it if you want to learn it on your own)
  • Pages 308-310 Adding background Music
  • Pages 311-313 Choosing your Slide Show Preferences
  • Pages 312- 313 Emailing your slide show

These are Due March 25th right before Spring Break!


~ by 1dorr on March 2, 2010.

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