Photo Assignments due today, then Custom Photo edges

You need to turn in your photo assignment in the K drive today.  Now we can start to edit those images for  your final presentation.

After we talk about our photos if we have time we will learn about creative edge techniques.  Your book its called Adding Cool Frame Borders to Your Prints on page 349.  I am going to show you a different method (as you already have the book to show you one way)  we will be working with files I will provide and going into Photoshop to create an edge.  I decided to have to make your own rather than buy one or download the one the book provides because…Well, someone had to make that edge and that is why you are in school, to learn to be that someone that makes it rather than buys it!

I found a tutorial site so you can still have a reference to go back to after we do it together.

The files we will use for this tutorial can be downloaded from that site.

Also, you can download grunge brushes or make your own, we wont get into making them but here is a link to some amazing brushes free for the picking!


~ by 1dorr on March 16, 2010.

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