Bookwork begins!

If you want to REALLY know lightroom then read the ENTIRE book!  🙂

BUT we will start with chapter 4 in the book and do one chapter a week for the rest of the semester.  Each excercise is about 2 pages long.  Not all sections have files you can hand in.  Example, it may have to explore the Loupe modes.  Well that is just a viewing method and there is nothing to  hand in.    Assume that there will be a test and you should know it!  I may or may not do a test but I make that decision based on what I see happening in the class.

Book work starts next week and will be due the following Tuesday.  All book work is due first thing on Tuesdays.  My Lab Tech will be checking them in to make sure they are in by the due date so if you turn them in late you will need to let me know when they are in so they get marked.  I actually look at them at a later time but my lab tech does the due date marks.

Assignments so far

  • White Balance
  • Shutter Speed 3 shots (we did 2 of them as a class, light painting and ghost pictures. You do one on your own.)
  • Don’t forget the page of different shoots you need to be doing due at the end of the semester. (this was a hand out)

~ by 1dorr on September 23, 2010.

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