Thursday Sept. 23

9:00 Am Class

We are going to Conrad Cemetery today!  FINALLY!   If you are going to meet us there we will leave the College as quickly as we can, I am shooting for 9:10 and it will take about 10 minutes to get there from here.   If you arrive around 9:20 you should be fine.  I am going to go toward the back of the cemetery but stop before the Crypt.  It is along the back curve and I want to stay in the area of the old headstones.
Set your camera’s ISO to 100.  We will have WAY too much light to be perfect but we can capture the image and then perfect it in the “Digital Darkroom”.  Reality is for people that don’t know Photoshop!  We will edit these in both Lightroom and Photoshop to get  the perfect picture.

Yesterday, Chelsea came to my office to point out we had fog!   WOW!  How wrong is that on a day we are NOT going to take the pictures!  Sigh…again, photoshop will fix it but how cool would that have been!  Sigh….

11:00 class

I should be back in plenty of time before class starts but if I am not for what ever reason, please get your pictures in your folder on the K drive and launch Lightroom, import the pictures you want to edit into lightroom.  We will not just be editing today, we need to cover some ground in the develop module and if that takes too long we will edit our ghosts on Tuesday.

Those of you that used my camera, I am uploading them now and will put them in the Pub folder on the K drive.


~ by 1dorr on September 23, 2010.

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