Book Work

Daniel, my lab tec for this course will be posting the bookwork outline as he does the chapters.  I cannot guarantee you will always get the bookwork outlined like this early enough to do you any good  but I asked him to post here as he did it so you can get an idea of what to expect in each exercise.

Daniels post below.

Sorry guys, I thought I had posted what homework assignments we have to turn in, but I guess the computer didn’t post it or I spaced and I didn’t push the publish button… but anyways, here’s what’s due.

Chapter 4

4.3 Setting the white balance

4.7 How to set your overall exposure (just do one image)

4.8 Adding “punch” to your images using clarity

4.9 Making your colors more vibrant

4.10 Using the tone curve to add contrast

4.11 Adjusting Individual color using HSL

4.13 Adding Vignette Effects

4.14 Getting that trendy gritty high-contrast look

4.15 Virtual copies — the “no risk” way to experiment

4.17 Save your favorite settings as one-click presets

4.19 Adding a film grain look

That should be all


~ by 1dorr on October 4, 2010.

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