Print module and next photo assignment

Today we breezed through the print module.  I have decided to switch things around a bit and have you do chapter 11 for next week.  (the week I am gone on Tuesday)  We will be creating a poster of 3 images that you will shoot this week and will then create a layout similar to the ones on page 334.

  • I want 3 strips (you can have 4 if you do the horizontal view)  but minimum of 3 and no more than 4 strips.
  • Background needs to be white (even if you LOVE purple) because I want them to look good together.  You will add text to the bottom using the identity plate.  You may do a custom one that you would make in photoshop if you know photoshop but text is all I am requiring.  It will say your name.
  • Example: wendy orr photography
  • I want a black stroke around the pictures.  Don’t go too big, the stroke should not generate more interest than your pictures.
  • The images you choose should work well together.  Don’t just go picking any 3 pictures, think about how they will work together.
  • I want you to TAKE the pictures not use images off the internet.

Here is a link for a tutorial on the identity plate

Due Thursday, October 28th.



~ by 1dorr on October 21, 2010.

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