Today we will talk about and use Photoshop to edit images.  Photoshop is not a program you can learn to use in one day, however, you can learn one tool at a time and continue to ad to your skills a little at a time.  Photoshop was actually not written for photographers, it was used as a Graphic Design tool.  I know this because I am that old!  I have used Photoshop since it was born and I can tell you…it has come a LONG way in the last 20 years!

Lightroom was not created to replace Photoshop but to be used together.  They do overlap in some area’s but when you know both it becomes clear what you would do in each program.

Today we will explore some of the tools you need to know in Photoshop.

Also, today when you log into the computers, please delete any files of yours that may be on them.  They are already starting to slow down and the other Photography class needs a clean computer to work on.  Some of them seem to be resetting at night, some do not.


~ by 1dorr on November 2, 2010.

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