Final Projects and Schedule

This is the schedule for the remainder of the semester, we are down to only 4 more classes!

You have 3 final projects.  I want you to work on the Web Slideshow and Lightroom Slideshow first as Animoto is having some issues this week.

  1. Slide show gallery posted to the web (on the H drive)
  2. Lightroom Slideshow with music
  3. Animoto slide show

We will do class presentations of all 3 the last day of class. Which is Thursday, Dec. 16th.  We will start PROMPTLY AT 9:00 am.  You will be critiquing the slide shows so you must be present for all of them.  There will be no make ups for this day and no late work accepted.


Web Slide Show

You choose the images but must contain at least 12 images.

I want to see some customization in the presentation, not just using default settings.  I want you to write down your settings and what you did to customize the slideshow.  Include in this which slide show show format you used. Example: Lightroom Flash Gallery, or Lightroom HTML Gallery etc…

Lightroom Slide Show Module

Must contain the edited images from your “seeing the world differently” handout.  (the creative shoot)

plus minimum of 1 of each of the following

  • shallow depth of field shoot
  • slow shutter speed

Must include music.

Animoto: It appears I can only sign on one person at a time, this is new to the Animoto site.  So if you are ready to create the show I will get you signed in and then we will sign you out and sign in the next person until they are completed.  On this show I want an opening and closing screen as well as your pictures.  This can be done inside the Animoto interface.

Tuesday, Dec. 7

You will edit your images from the creative photo shoot and take turns creating the Animoto slideshow.  All images in the final presentations must be edited.   You can ad more images than I require but you must include the assigned photos.

Thursday, Dec 9

Continue editing or Work on final slideshow for web and post to the K drive. Continue working on other slide shows.

Tuesday, Dec 14

Turn in Binders for grading, they will be returned on Thursday the 16th.

Binder contents

  • daily journal of notes taken in class
  • hand-outs (even if there are only a few)
  • Notes about web slide show creation.

Final CD of all work

CD’s will be due on Thursday, Dec 16th and will not be returned.  All work MUST be on the final CD in an organized manner.  The CD must have your name written ON the cd not just on the case.  It must also say Digital Darkroom Fall 2010.

Thursday, Dec. 16th

Last day of Class!

Pick up your binders

Be ready to present your slideshows.  We will start promptly at 9:00 am (this is the final for this class).  You need to be here to watch the presentations done by others, not just to do your own. No make ups for this day.

Come ready to start editing tomorrow!


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