Bookwork begins! Chapter 2 Library

This week we will start learning the library module of Lightroom.  This part of the course is not the fun part, however it’s very important you understand it!

You will complete chapter 2 by Tuesday Feb 15th

Create 4 screen captures while you are working through this chapter.

  1. Collection
  2. Copyright
  3. Catalog
  4. Your choice

On a PC you create a screen capture by hiting Alt+Printscreen  This then copies the screen to the clipboard.  You then can open Photoshop (you can leave it running in the background while you work through this chapter) and make a new document and “paste” the image into the new photoshop document. You can also do this in Paint or Word.  Save your images in a folder titled Your_name_Chapter2 and save it to the shared folder in the K drive.

Thursdays class will be Library day! (We aren’t going to the Library but you will use the class time to do the bookwork on the Library)  Bring images, any images and your external storage device. I won’t be lecturing that day, you will work on the book for the entire class period.  Since these computers are erased every day you will need to complete each section before you move on as next time you come, it may be gone!  Sad….  This will not be the case on your own computer system however, its just the college computer management system we are working with.

We might have time today to start the bookwork as well, we will see how long the lecture part takes.

To better understand the DNG option.  Go to this site and read about the DNG format by Adobe.

This is the companion website that goes with the book.  This is where the images live that you will use when completing the chapters in this book.


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