Welcome to Summer Semester!

We have a fun semester ahead.

Today we will take a look at your camera’s.  For some of you this will be a review but we will discuss your camera settings.

I will assign the creative shoot.  The handout wont print for some reason so I will post it here for now.

Looking at the World Differently!

Art160 Digital Darkroom

For this assignment I want you to look at things differently.  Look at PARTS of things, or shadows of objects.  These are the things that make a photo amazing art rather than a snapshot!

Assignment 1 – Up Close

One of the absolute best ways to improve your photography is to practice!!!  This assignment is to get up close to your subject. Pick and everyday object and focus on a small part of it. Get as close as your camera will allow you to focus and shoot away. Try for different angles and unusual lighting to add to the mystery of this tiny world. From the whiskers of your pet cat, to a fragile Christmas ornament, to soap bubbles, there is an entire world that we often overlook because we don’t get close enough.

Assignment 2 – Pets/animals

This assignment is to take photographs of your pets or someones pets (could be a cow in a field). Pets are vital parts of our lives and each one is unique. Focus on capturing your pet’s personality so that it shines in the image.

Assignment 3 – Home

This week your assignment is to take an image that represents “home” to you. Your kid covered in mud, your grandmother cooking, or even a pile of laundry can represent home.

Assignment 4 – Motion

This assignment is motion. Photography is a static medium. That means that it is still, it doesn’t move. Conveying a sense of motion in that static medium is often essential to capturing a scene and/or emotion. This assignment  I want you to convey motion in your images. Blur it, stop it, suggest it. How you convey motion is up to you.

Assignment 5 – Trees

This assignment is trees. Trees come in an infinite variety of types and shapes and sizes. Some are tall while others are short. Some are alive with leaves while others are dead and leafless. Some show their roots to the world while others bury them deep underground. Some have strong branches that reach ever skyward and still others have flexible branches that sweep the ground. What do you think of when you think of trees? Show us your vision of what “trees” means.

Assignment 6 – Shadows

This assignment is Shadows. Take a look around for shadows and record them. You could show the shadow as the total focus of the image. Or perhaps the shadow is incidental to the subject. Is the shadow natural or created by flash? Shadows are integral to creating depth in a 2 dimensional medium such as photography. Take time to explore the “dark side”.

Assignment 7- Vehicles

This  assignment  is vehicles. From fire trucks to tractors to mustangs – pick a vehicle and show us your best image. Include the whole vehicle or do a study of one part of the vehicle…it is entirely up to you.

Assignment 8 -Textures  (shoot 4 different textures for this assignment)

This assignment will surprise you!  There are so many amazing textures out there but we don’t see them!  Look at the rust, look at the moss, mold chipped paint etc…  Textures should be shot close up.  However for this assignment shoot 2 images, one close up (so we see the texture) and then far away so we can see what the object.  You will submit a total of 4 images for this assignment.

Do remember to pay attention to your depth of field and focus when composing your images.


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