Slow Shutter Speed Assignment Due July 7th

I will arrange a loaner camera for those without one that will work for this assignment.

Shoot one of each

  1. Make a person look like a ghost. Your shutter speed needs to be slow but not so slow that you have images that are too light.  Since these are not shot in pure dark you will have to trouble shoot the shutter speed to aperture ratio.  If you use the TV mode you can choose your shutter speed and the camera will choose the aperture.  I want you to pay attention to what the camera picks for you, in case you want to tweak it a bit!
  2. Light painting (we did this in class, but you can take more if you want to try new creative stuff!)  I will count the images we took in class.
  3. Panning motion.  Use a slow shutter speed and follow a moving object like a car.  Try to keep the car in focus but show the motion. This works best on a tripod with a loose pivot so you can move side to side easily.  Here is an example and a link that explains it.


4. Moving subject with slow shutterspeed. (fireworks fountain, running kids or animals, running water)


~ by 1dorr on June 30, 2011.

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